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    , a unique and heartfelt way to carry cherished memories wherever you go. Crafted with precision and care, this bracelet seamlessly combines elegance with sentimentality. Imagine gazing at a beautiful piece of jewelry, only to discover a hidden treasure inside: a precious photograph captured within its delicate frame. Whether it's a snapshot of a loved one, a special moment, or a beloved pet, this bracelet transforms into a wearable keepsake, allowing you to carry your most cherished memories with you at all times. Embrace the beauty of nostalgia and the joy of connection with our Bracelet With Picture Inside.
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Goldtone Red Square Pendant & 24 Inch Box Necklace

  • Goldtone Red Square Pendant & 24...
  • Goldtone Or Silvertone - Red Square...

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Goldtone Red Square Pendant & 24 Inch Box Necklace

Item number: C-1185

Item number: C-1185

$ 9.95

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This is a great quality pendant and 24 inch necklace at a steep discount.

The Red Faux Gemstone is so hot right now! Our chains are Made in Korea, you will love the strength the chains have and how comfortable it is lying around your neck.

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